Pecan Grove Historical Cemetery

pecan grove cemetery stack of photos, pecan grove cemetery guard line at pecan grove cemetery Pecan Grove Historical Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in North Texas. Located at the corner of Industrial Blvd. and Highway 5 in McKinney, Pecan Grove is the final resting place for many early Texas pioneers, from Governors to gunslingers.

Heroes of the Texas Revolution are interred here, as are veterans of the Mexican War, the War for Southern Independence, and every war thereafter.

Pecan Grove’s history began in the mid-1800s when the early pioneers of Collin County first arrived. In addition to the City’s early families - Board, Dowell, Pope, Heard, Throckmorton, Rhea, Shain and Hill the headstones in Pecan Grove reflect the presence of 203 veterans from conflicts of the 1800s - 1 from the Texas Revolution; 7 from the Mexican War and 195 from the Civil War (193 Confederate and 18 Union). As well, a Twentieth Century Flying Ace lies in the cemetery and the man, General Royal Baker, who fought in World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam conflicts.

The property, consisting of 57 acres and was granted to Samuel McFarland by the Republic of Texas in 1845. It is a rustic and peaceful setting, largely undisturbed by the progress around it.

In 2008, the Board of Trustees of Pecan Grove Memorial Park received a grant from the McKinney Community Development Corporation to build the new Settlers Hall located near the entrance of the Cemetery. This lovely building was originally built in 1870 but recreated in 2009 and will serve as a community meeting place, wedding chapel and elegant environment for memorials and funerals.

The Cemetery is a private non-profit self sustaining cemetery, managed by a volunteer Board of Directors with but two full-time employees, charged with mowing, maintenance and providing day-to-day burial services. Many of the original plot owners are deceased and many others have moved from the McKinney area - There are less than 30% of the total lot owners still living in the area to share interest and provide support to the cemetery overhead.

The mission of the Board of Trustees is to preserve the History of Collin County and educate the younger generation of the history that he believes begins within the Cemetery.


Harry Mckillop, President

Jerry Cantrell, Vice President

Cameron Chandler, Sr.
Bill Dowdy
Barbara Hartline
Bobby Hill
Mack Hill
Dennis Hogan
Catherine Hughes
Charles Rodgers
Jeffrey Hull